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Episode 6: Made You Look!

When you first open a store and decide to gulp down that enormous monthly rent, it's a massive commitment and challenge:

Can you do it?

Will the business plan you wrote actually play out in real life?

I never ran into an issue paying my rent

...but even so...

as time goes on and you keep handing over that 10K

month after month

it starts to feel like you're handing all your glory over to the Landord.

Over the years, I gave approximately 1.5 million dollars to a building owner.

It's an amount that can keep a person up at night, no matter how healthy your sales.

Ultimately I decided I didn't want to work for someone for the rest of my career. Even though I owned my own company, I didn't actually own anything.

So I was keen to talk to a business owner who owns their own building.

How does the dynamic change when that $1.5 million (for example) gets invested back into your business?

Is there less financial worry?

(not really!)

Does it create a freedom that someone who rents can't afford?


Does the stress magically disappear?


This week, I talk to someone who bought a building 20 years ago, set up a shingle and created a legacy business.

Sarah Dougall, the owner of Made You Look jewellery, got great advice early on:


She, along with her parents, took a massive leap of faith because

she was 23 and pregnant when she decided to buy the building and build this business.

So, we get into that and find out how both she and her parents felt embarking on this adventure.


And Let's Talk About This Jewellery!


Many of my wedding suit clients went to Sarah's store for their engagement and wedding rings....she actually has an Insta account solely for that segment of her business and it's BLING BLING BABY!

Scroll through the images for a mini shopping break!

It's an incredible story of entrepreneurism at it's most creative.

This store knocks me out.

I couldn't be more thrilled to interview Sarah Dougall on Episode 6 of the What's This Place Podcast.

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